Technical problem solving

Rooth cause analysis, definition of corrective actions and implementation of technical solutions regarding major defects !


  • Disposing
  • Technical experts availability based on complexity
  • X-functional teamwork
  • Dedicated technical experts by customer or project

Supporting the daily routine work

  • Regular professional and technical control & survey, consultancy, cause analysis, auditing.
  • Remote technical support via phone or e-mail.
  • Root cause analysis in case of deviating of standard manufacturing processes, malfunction of production devices/machines and causes of high reject ratio.
  • Providing technical solutions.

Supporting developments

  • Assessment of process efficiency
  • Waste assessment
  • Assessment of prodcution machine efficiency
  • Improvement of production efficicency

Supporting purchasing and maintenance

  • Design, manufacturing of unique / non-catalogue components, devices and ensure its safety stock level in consignment.
  • Planning, management and follow-up of maintenance of special, unique/non-catalogue components and devices.